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              Semiconductor Solution Segment Business

              Our Semiconductor Solution Segment Business manufactures and markets a broad line of assembly and packaging equipment for the microelectronics, semiconductor, photonics, and optoelectronics industries. ?It offers a diverse product range from bonding to molding and trims & form to the integration of these activities into complete in-line systems.

              The Group has successfully established itself as the leading player in the back-end assembly and packaging market with its innovative solutions and constant focus on customer value creation. In 2002, the Group displaced the perennial industry leader to become number one in the assembly and packaging equipment industry. Since then, it has maintained its lead with the exception of 2012. ?

              Under the Semiconductor Solution Segment Business, the Group has introduced several examples of technology innovation like the world’s first gold wire bonder with 50μm pad pitch capability, AB339, the industry's first production machine capable of 35μm ultra-fine pitch bonding (Eagle 60 wire bonder) and the TCB (Thermal Compression Bonding) Bonder with breakthrough in fine pitch high I/O flip chip bonding which have helped to transform and contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed by people around the world.